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eBay and Personal Authentications

After education, our most important responsibility is our authentication service. We can help you before you buy, by checking out eBay auctions or web sites claiming to sell authentic items. Did you receive an item and you're unsure of it's authenticity? We can help!

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Fraud Claims

We can prepare formal Written Statements to support your fraud claim with PayPal, eBay, Credit Card Company, Insurance Company, or a Notarized statement for Small Claims court!



What have we authenticated lately?

eBay sellers come to us for authentications. You can too! And, get this neat logo to use!


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Is eBay ending your auctions?

Have you been doing all the right things but find yourself suspended by eBay? Find out why your auctions are being ended for "trademark violation" and what we can do to help.





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Your luxury authentication resource since 1999

Fed up with all of the fakes being sold as "authentic" on the Internet and elsewhere, when all you want to do is purchase real products at a fair price? My Poupette is, too! Did you know that it is illegal to sell counterfeit trademarked goods and that it can get you arrested, even if you didn't know they were fake? It is also illegal to purchase more than one counterfeit bag, as it is considered trafficking.

As an avid consumer advocate, My Poupette is the world's largest and oldest designer authentication company. We want to teach others why they want the real thing. More importantly, anyone who wants to buy online should know HOW to avoid buying fakes! Don't get ripped off! Replicas are rampant and crooks are doing a great job of marketing these days, including many deceitful practices such as bait and switch. There are thousands of web sites claiming to sell authentic merchandise when they are really selling replicas. You can see our partial list of these sites on our No Sale page.

My started as a community of online designer handbag buyers and sellers sharing information and personal stories. We have expanded to include most high end designer items. We now provide authentication services for Hermes bags, Gucci bags, Prada bags, Balenciaga bags, Chanel bags, Coach bags, Kooba bags, Christian Dior bags and more! There's no need to flutter around looking for answers. If you have questions about a high-end designer bag, don't regret it, Poupette it!



Why Our No Sale Page is So Important

One of our missions is to help you avoid buying counterfeit designer goods when that is not your intention. Our No Sale page tell you which sites we would not recommend purchasing from because we believe that these sites sell or have sold replicas advertised as authentic. Find out for yourself which designers wholesale and which don't, so you don't fall for companies that don't deliver what they promise.



Do You Have The Right Stuff?

We are always looking for seasoned designer bag authenticators to help our growing business! Specifically, we need people who have experience authenticating brand name designer items via photo or in person. We especially need non-Louis Vuitton specialists. Apply today!


What Else Do We Authenticate?

We are happy to announce that we now have authenticators for more than designer bags! We provide authentication services for Games, Electronics, Jewelry, Watches, and almost any other trademarked item tht you can provide to us via clear, detailed photos. Sometimes, we may need to see the item in person. Note that these authentications are specifically for items that are not authentic. This service is currently provided for people who need a formal written statement for a dispute or claim with PayPal, eBay, or Credit Card companies.



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