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My Poupette is an independent designer authentication and appraisal service that started in 1999 and has helped many thousands of customers.

Crusaders are all of you who agree that it is important not only to eradicate counterfeits on the Internet and everywhere else, but to help protect innocent online buyers from being ripped off by unscrupulous con artists! Many people who believe they are purchasing an authenticdesigner item find themselves holding a fake!

Many lovers of fine designer products want to help do something to help, but are not sure what can be done about the problem of counterfeits on the Internet. Fashion designers and law enforcement are doing their best to address the problem, but consumers need all the support they can get! Don't expect big auction web sites to always protect you from con artists.

My is about information and education. We have resources available to help you avoid unknowingly buy fakes. Ask questions, get answers! That's why we're here. Have you found yourself in trouble because you've received a fake? You've come to the right place!

Our authenticators have purchased, sold and studied Louis Vuitton for more than 25 years and other designer items for about seven years. She brings to this site a great deal of knowledge, but still learns from visitors every day. At My Poupette, information learned is information shared! We share information with those who may not be able to afford new authentic designer items, or are looking for vintage, rare or hard to find items and simply do not deserve to get ripped off in the process! It's that simple.

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