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Some sellers ask for a written notice from the designer company that says an item is fake before they will issue a refund. But I read on your site that designers do not issue a written statement. What can I do?

Designers will sometimes authenticate your item in person or by mail at no charge, but will not typically issue a written statement. If you require a written statement, My Poupette may be able to assist you. Check here for more information.

How can I tell if a bag is authentic?

This is a broad question. Each item must be evaluated individually. Post your question on the a Discussion Forum with a link to the auction in question. Or email photos and we will be happy to examine the item, and get back to you as soon as possible. When we consider the authenticity of an item, we examine the entire transaction, including the written description (for what is said and what is not), as well as the seller's feedback record, in addition to other investigative processes. There are now "Super Fakes" that make it nearly impossible to judge authenticity without having designer experts look at the item in person. You must know how the item should look and you must be able to trust the seller.

What is the cost to authenticate an item?

Click here for current prices.

Do designer stores authenticate items for free?

There is usually no fee, but more and more designers are making it corporate policy to not authenticate. In any event, don’t expect to get any findings in writing from the store level. You may be able to you’re your item sent to the designer’s corporate headquarters or factory for a written statement that the item is their product or not.

If I take my bag to the store for authentication and it is fake, will it be confiscated?

Some stores confiscate fakes.

Will stores authenticate an item even if it was bought at a different location?

If the store policy allows authentication, it can usually be done no matter where it was originally purchased.

If I send you a pic of a bag could you tell me if its real?

We will do our best! If we cannot authenticate it, we will let you know. Sometimes, the item must be sent to us for an in-person authentication.

How can you tell a well-made fake purse/wallet from an authentic one from just visual inspection?

One must know how the item should look, so a catalog, the actual item, or other sample photos would be helpful if viewing an item online. Even then, sometimes one cannot tell the difference with just photos. And sometimes catalog photos are misleading. Even very good fakes typically have something that give them away. It could be a minute detail, but finding it is the tricky part. Often, it is only possible to judge authenticity by touching, smelling, and viewing the item in person.

Hello, I was wondering if you authenticate items that are still on auction on eBay. I have been looking at this one item but I didn't want to purchase it before I was sure it was authentic. Would this be possible?

It is always best to ask before you buy! We would be happy to take a look at the item.

If you authenticated an item for me, is it okay to mention that in my auction?

Yes, but you must provide the auction number to us when you list it.

Is there any way to tell if an item on eBay is not authentic?

If the seller has lifted photo from eLUXURY or other designer web sites, you do not know what you are purchasing. Always ask for photos of the actual item.

I have no reason to believe that my bag is a fake. However, when I was asked for a serial number by potential buyers, I was unable to find any markings. I am not the kind of person that misrepresents an item just to sell something. I want to know for sure.

Some vintage designer items did not have certain serial numbers or markings on the hardware. You will need to send photos for us to know for sure.

Are items that say "made in USA" as good as ones "made in France?"

Yes. designers have exacting standards that are applicable in all of their factories.

Do LV bags ever go on sale?

As with most upscale designers, their leather goods never go on sale. Clothing lines may have an occasional sale at some stores.

How can I see a designer fashion show?

You have to be "somebody" to be invited, preferably a high-visibility person. But, if you make a lot of purchases, try your luck by asking the manager of your local boutique.

Are the Recommended Sellers your personal friends? Is that why you have listed them?

No, the MPRS's are not friends, but people who we trust to sell authentic designer merchandise. Being human, they are also trusted to make good on any deal that goes wrong. However, I have become friendly with some of the MPRS’s.

I see lots of sellers of authentic designer on eBay. Why aren't they on your Recommended Sellers List?

If they are not on My Poupette's RS list, you may feel free to invite them to apply. Some may not have come to our attention. It is a personal choice for sellers if they want to be endorsed by My Poupette.

I am a new seller of designer bags. I have just created a site and everything. I want to be an informed seller, so as not to be sold fakes, and in turn, sell a fake. Can you help me figure out if my suppliers are sellers of authentic bags? They are sellers on Yahoo, and have extremely high feedback. Also, they guarantee authenticity. The bags come with bag, box, ribbon, and dust cover. What do i need to do to get your support on my site? Do I need to give you serial numbers or something? How can I get "My Poupette's seal of approval"?

I have only sold one designer bag, but I want to be a Recommended Seller to help me sell more!

My Poupette would love to endorse you and though you are an enthusiast, you'll need to sell a few more authentic designer bags before we consider you for MPRS status. Keep going!

I like designer bags and I want to know that how can I join the My Poupette Recommended Resellers. I have my old designer bag that I want to sell but I find that it is very hard to compete with fake & cheap items. My items are authentic, so I am unable to sell at a low price like fake bags. I want to know that how can I join your group?

We would be happy to consider your request. Please complete the form on this page. ou will need to meet the criteria to use the logo. I look forward to hearing back from you once you have completed 20 designer sales with positive feedback! (Sales of catalogs and packaging materials don't count.)

I was left negative feedback because I backed out of paying for a fake bag. Do I have any recourse?
If you qualify, My Poupette offers a Feedback Rescue Service.

How can I get out of a deal without getting a negative feedback from a seller of a fake bag? From now on, I will always ask My Poupette's opinion before purchasing any designer bags on eBay.

The truth is, you may not avoid negative feedback, but the way you respond to it will be important.

Why are there so many fakes on the internet?

With the proliferation of so-called "Wholesale Lists" on auction sites, many sellers are purchasing what they believe to be "wholesale" designer bags. They are really purchasing wholesale counterfeit bags. Some people are unaware that they are selling illegal goods, others simply don't care. Another reason is that there are more bad guys than good ones, so designers do not have the resources to track down and close all of the fakes. It takes time and input from consumers.

I just bought something that I think is fake. What should I do?

I would first recommend reading the information on the Fraud Prevention & Help page, then contacting My Poupette for additional assistance, if needed.

What are the signs that an item is fake?

This cannot be answered simply. Designers change models, practices and codes or frequently. I recommend reading all you can, including the designer’s web site. Also, try to view the item in person at the store.

What can I do with my non-authentic designer junk? I don't want to be seen carrying it. Can I sell it?

No, I don’t recommend selling it, as it is against the law and against most auction sites' Terms of Service. You could give it away or keep it at home and use it to hold...well, junk.

Is it legal for people to sell designer fakes or replicas and can we prosecute them?

No, it is illegal to sell counterfeit trademarked items. The party who would bring suit would be the trademark owner.

Am I allowed to sell a fake item on eBay if I say it's not authentic? I really don't want to keep it.

Sorry, but no. It is not only against eBay's policy, but it is illegal.

At what point do I call my card company to try to see if I can get the charges removed on the sale of a fake item?

Contact your credit card company today. They will probably need more information or documentation from you to reverse the charge. You will next file this form with eBay: In the meantime, you should collect all necessary paperwork to submit to eBay's Fraud Insurance Division (30 days after close of auction).  Be sure to print out the auction or sale page from your purchase.

After reading everything on your web site, I am thinking my designer bags are counterfeit... my mom's friend got them in Korea. Is there anything I can do with them that ISN'T illegal?

Yes, a trash can comes to mind. Sorry.

I can't find a date code on my LV bag. Does that mean it is not authentic?

No. LV implemented the use of date codes in the early 1980's. Your bag may have been produced before date codes were used. In addition, date codes are difficult to locate on many items.

How do I interpret date codes?

As much as I would like to share this information with well-intentioned people, my policy is not to do so. You may visit your local designer boutique or contact the designer's headquarters to inquire; however, they will likely be unwilling to share this information.

I am a seller. Is it safe to give out the date code or serial number to people who ask? I am afraid that unscrupulous people will use it for their own auctions.

Sure, give the date code. Buyers have become much more savvy and this is information they want in order to feel more comfortable with their purchase, especially if the seller is not a MPRS.

Does every single designer purse or wallet have a serial number?


How can I get into the designer selling business?

It is a tough business to get into. The best way to do sales is to build up an inventory by purchasing at a bargain price somewhere else—the internet, for example—and then selling for a profit. Be very careful about buying wholesale, as the items are usually counterfeit. People buy and trade designer goods all the time. Some sell on consignment to get started. Others shop on eBay and other venues such as estate sales, to find bargains that they can resell.

How do your Recommended Sellers get all that stuff to sell?

Some buy from the boutiques personally, others may own, or buy from consignment stores; still others obtain their merchandise from friends and relatives or even designer store employees. If you are aware of any illegally-obtained merchandise for sale by a MPRS, please notify us and provide evidence to support your claim.

How can I find a particular subject on your site?

Use the Search feature. The search field is accessible on most pages. You may also use Site Map, which is also available at the top of most pages.

Do you sell designer on this site?

No. We sell on It is free to register there.

Is your site trying to protect designers?

That may be a side benefit to the designer, but our goal is to protect the consumer from fraud by providing information about designer products and how to avoid con artists. We are also here to provide assistance to those who have been defrauded.

Is it true that authentic designer's leather cannot be burned by fire?

I haven't heard that (nor have I tested it).

Someone emailed me trying to sell me a bag, but it looks different than the real one.

Solicitations can be a problem on eBay. That is why some sellers choose to hold private auctions—to protect your identity. If you purchase anything outside of the auction venue, it is much more difficult (sometimes impossible) to recover a loss if the item is counterfeit. My Poupette recommends not dealing with unknown and unproven entities, as this is where your biggest risks lie.

How can my item not be authentic? Isn't it true that eBay goes through and pulls fake auctions offline? How do I report fakes?

eBay does not really prevent people from listing whatever they wish. They rely on sellers to know what is allowed and what is not. Conscientious visitors report questionable items to eBay for removal. You may use this link.

Why do you often advise people to stay away from auctions when the seller has low feedback? Everyone has to start somewhere!

There are many legitimate low-feedback sellers. They may have received a bag they didn't care for or picked it up at a flea market or estate sale or auction. Often, they will offer these items at a low starting bid with no reserve, not realizing the value of the item. More often, however, low-feedback sellers are selling several of one type of item, or many different designers at once, at ridiculously low prices, indicating they are likely connected to a "supplier" distributing fakes. If you ask about their source, you will often hear that their item(s) came from a "supplier."

If I see a blatant fake designer, is it wrong for me to notify the bidder?

eBay does not want you to do this, however, I see nothing wrong with referring them to My "for more information." There are lots of creative ways to be a POP. If you come across auctions of fakes that are pretending to be real, just collect the auction links to send them to me in one email per day and I will forward them to eBay or the designer's attorneys. Or, you may notifiy eBay yourself.

I was just wondering if you could help me out a bit here. Do you know how "far" auctions can go as in what you can write? Is it okay to state things such as "don't be fooled by the rampant fakes on eBay" or "fakes have serial #'s/date codes too." "Is this ok to do? Just wondering.

I don't believe there is a problem in including such wording in your listing. You just don't want to name names. Many people do this.

I recently found this information on auction: "Free Info Buy designer At Dealer Prices!" Do you think its true?

No. I don't believe it is true. This could be a ploy to get your email address and solicit you for sales of...who knows what?

I'm looking for a 1980's designer Briefcase, can you help me?

We can help you find an item. There is a $75 per month fee for this service. Use this form for more information.

I enjoyed reading your web site about designer bags. I didn't know that there were so many fakes out there that were passing for the real thing. My question is I would love to own a small set of luggage from LV, and I was wondering if you have any wholesale web sites that offer it. I don't think I can afford the retail price. Or, could you at least point me in the right direction in my search.

The best advice I can give you is to check in with My Poupette's Recommended Sellers. Feel free to write to them to see if their inventory includes what you are looking for. We can also provide shopper service for a fee.

How long does it take for you to get back to me if I ask a question?

We endeavor to answer you the same or next day, but allow up to 72 hours for a response. Note that we may not reply on the weekend.

Can you tell me how the credit system works, and what does M.A.D. stand for?

The "credit system" is merely consistent service that I can review. As you do good deeds, report them to me. Your name will eventually appear on the M.A.D. (Make a Difference) page.

Why do you do this?

Because with the popularity of the Internet, Auction sites and other forums, people need help to avoid unintentionally buying fakes, and help when they have unknowingly purchased a fake.

I live in Canada and designer bags are pretty high. I heard that they are cheaper in other countries. Do you know if that's true?

Yes, there are other countries where designer bags may be less expensive than Canada, due to taxes. I'd love to have contributions of prices from different countries!

Where else can I find cheap designer bags?

The first thing you should realize is that designer bags are not cheap. If you mean other than on the Internet, the only other places that may have lower than retail authentic designer bags would be consignment shops. I would personally not trust most Internet sites selling designer for extremely low prices (unless the goods are damaged). Also, steer clear of purse parties, as they are not offering authentic merchandise.

I just bought a new bag from designer, so I know it's real, but it doesn't look like the one on eluxury’s photos. Why aren't they the same? is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey). It sells new designer merchandise, but only ships to U.S. addresses. If you purchased a new bag from them, you bought the latest product available. and catalog photos can vary if they are using old photos or prototypes or runway items. That is why your bag looks different.

I'm trying to find a list of reputable designer resellers. How do I find this information?
Check here.

I have a designer bag that needs to be repaired. Where can I go or where do I send my bag for repairs?

First try taking your bag to the designer retailer for repairs. It preserves your resale value. Be sure to save your receipts. If you are not near a designer boutique, call to get an address where you can ship the item. NOTE: If your bag is repaired by someone other than the designer and it needs other repairs later, most high-end designer companies will not work on it, and it could be considered inauthentic.

I was just wondering if there's any way to clean pen marks on the interior of a Damier bucket. I was told by an associate of a designer store to try Windex. Will this help or will it ruin the fabric?

I have not tried it. Others have tried an ink pen eraser or rubbing alcohol.

I set my purse on some tissue (green) paper and did not know it was wet. A small 1 inch spot touched my handle and it seemed to have stained the handle, do you have any recommendation as to how to get the green color off? I am sick about it.

I recommend that you contact the designer directly for advice.

Is it okay to ask your opinion about a Yahoo, i-offer, or auction before I bid on it?

We no longer check Yahoo, i-offer, or auctions, as these sites have been notorious for counterfeits. We cannot recommend shopping there for authentic designer merchandise.

I have a question about how you feel about the price of designer items. Why do you think it is ok to purchase a $2,000 bag when there are millions of people starving, etc. I am not trying to be rude, but this is a question that has been bothering me for some time.

We think that most designer products are overpriced. But we also believe that in a free marketplace, the consumer should be able to purchase whatever is legally available for sale. The question of starvation is a global one that must be addressed by all developed nations. Right or wrong, for those who can afford luxury items, the dilemma will not be solved by not purchasing a summer home, a Mercedes, a diamond ring, or designer bag.

What's the safest way to pay for an auction?

Use a method that allows recourse if the item is not received or is not as represented. PayPal is good, but credit cards are better. Check your credit card company's policies. Most will have you go through the intermediary used at your point of sale, i.e., PayPal, to settle a dispute. Know your options ahead of time. Western Union, Money Orders, Personal Checks, Cashier's Checks, for example, do not offer buyer protection. Only use those methods if you are certain about the seller and the transaction.



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