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Do you need a written Statement of Non-Authenticity for a PayPal Claim?

If you believe you have been defrauded and want to know the next step to take, you have come to the right place. You may also write to My Poupette for assistance.

IMPORTANT: When contacting us, be sure to explain the circumstances of your case, including the auction number and any actions you have already taken.

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What are your remedies if you have been a victim of fraud? Here are the basic steps to take:

1. Call your credit card company to ask if they offer any protection for you. It was often thought that use of a credit card would better protect the consumer who purchases online. However, many credit card companies' policies hold that if you willingly provide your card number to a third party (i.e., PayPal), then your problem must be resolved with that third party, not the issuing card company. If you paid someone directly by credit card (no third party), then call your credit card company to dispute of the charge.

2.  Save all packaging and print out the auction page and any correspondence with seller. Try not to handle the box and item too much or wear gloves.

3.  Next you need written proof that the bag is not authentic. My Poupette can help you with that, as Louis Vuitton usually will not provide a written statement, per corporate policy. This is primarily due to people switching authentic items with fake merchandise and using LV's letter as proof of authenticity. LV will sometimes tell you verbally whether an item is authentic.

4.  Get the seller's contact information and write to seller stating that you are having the item authenticated because you believe it is counterfeit, but that the matter may be settled now by issuing a full refund. When you write this email, show that you copying:, to keep us in the loop. If seller does not respond within three days, try calling the seller.

5.  If the seller is amenable to refunding, be sure to take photos of the item before sending it back. Mail it via Priority Mail and request a written receipt of confirmation. Do not return the item in the same package it arrived in. Save it, in case there are complications, later. Send by cash C.O.D. to be sure you get paid.

6.  Then go here to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

7.  If you are POSITIVE the item is not authentic, and the seller is not cooperative, leave appropriate feedback so that others are warned.

There is a 30-day waiting period before you can file a claim with eBay. However, you must file before 60 days. While you are waiting, get all of your supporting paperwork in order.

7. It may also be necessary to contact the seller's local authorities and District Attorney's Office to file a criminal report, as well as file a Small Claims case in the county where the seller lives.


eBay's Trust and Safety Page

When you are ready to file your report with eBay, start here:

eBay's Resolution Center

After the 30-day waiting period, you will go here:

eBay Claim Form

You will need to mail all of your evidence to the insurance claims adjuster at this point, including all correspondence, photographs of the item and an independent authenticator's statement that the item is not authentic.

Then wait for a reply.

There are other measures you can take as well, such as contacting the companies below and filing a police report with the local authorities. Get their advice as to filing in the jurisdiction where the seller's address is located.

In some instances, recovery may have to involve an attorney and/or filing in Small Claims Court.

Read all fraud-related information carefully so you do not miss a deadline or forget an important step.

eBay's Fraud Protection Email

This is what you will likely receive when you file a fraud insurance claim with eBay.

Thank you for contacting eBay. We’d like to let you know your claim regarding item number xxx has been received by the Fraud Protection team. Your claim is very important to us and will be fully investigated. Please do not reply to this email, as it is a confirmation of receipt of your claim only.

What happens now?

Your claim will be assigned to a claims administrator who will fully review your case. The review process can take up to 45 days. We appreciate your patience during this time, and in fact we may contact you via email for additional information. We will also attempt to contact the seller to encourage them to work directly with you to resolve the problem.

What can cause delays?

Please be aware that claims that have been submitted incomplete, may cause a delay in the investigation of the claim. A complete claim consists of:

1. A completed, signed claim form; /community/frs-claimform.h html
2. A copy of the end of auction notice or the auction page;
3. Proof of payment, i.e., photocopy of the front and back of money order, cashiers check, personal check, etc.
4. Any additional supporting documentation that you wish to have reviewed: i.e. email correspondence, pictures.
5. If a Credit Card was used for payment: a copy of the letter of denial from your Credit Card Company
6. For Misrepresented Merchandise: A third-party Letter of Authenticity detailing the condition of the merchandise vs. the auction listing description.

What if I have submitted an incomplete claim?

Please mail the missing information to the following address:

eBay Claims Administration
Fraud Protection Program
P.O. Box 188
Draper, Utah 84020

Or Fax: 801-545-2665

Please do not reply to this email notification; it is a confirmation of receipt of your claim only.

Best Regards,
eBay Claims Administration

If you paid for your auction using PayPal, File a Claim with them!

Form to use to report eBay Selling Offenses

Buyer Fraud Prevention Tips from PayPal


Poupette's tips when contemplating an online purchase:

- You are at the highest risk if you do not know the seller or whether the seller is reputable and if you purchase an item outside of the auction site's doors. In other words, if you make a deal with a seller without going through with the auction process.

- Ask seller what zip code the item will be shipped from, if in doubt, and get a contact phone number. Call the number to be sure the seller is where he/she says he is. If seller refuses, it would raise a red flag for Poupette.

- If purchasing a big-ticket item (over $500), consider using an escrow service. This will allow you to inspect the goods before the seller is paid.

- It is important to know your rights as a buyer. Read the auction site's Buyer Protection Policy to be aware of its limitations.

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