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Most high-end designer items, including handbags, shoes, jewelry and clothing. If you are uncertain, just ask!


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French Word Translations for Designer Items

Note: If the word ends with a "T," "R," "N" or "S," those consonants are not pronounced.

If a word ends with "er" it is pronounced as a hard "a" as in acorn.

The last consonant is only pronounced if followed by an "e."

Double L's make a Y sound.

An é makes a hard "a" sound, as in acorn.

The letter "i" is pronounced like an "e"

à Faire To Do; to Make
Ange Guardian Angel
Anglais English
Ardoise Slate Gray
Argent Silver Coin
Armoire Wardrobe with a Front Opening
Bandoulière Shoulder Strap
Bicolore Two-Color
Bijoux Jewels, Jewelry
Billet Bank Note; Currency
Blanche White
Bleue Blue
Bôite Box
Bôite à tout Box For Everything
Boucle Buckle, Ring, Loop
Bouteilles Bottles , Flasks
Boutons Buttons
Brosse Brush, Hair Brush
Bureau Writing Table, Office
Cabas Shopping Basket
Cabine Cabin, Small Room, Closet
Carre Well-Built, Firm
Cartes Cards
Cartes de Visite Business Cards
Châle Shawl
Chapeaux Hat
Chasse Handle
Chaussures Shoes, Footwear
Chéquier Checkbook
Chien Dog
Cintres Arch
Cité City, Freedom of the City
Classeur File
Clés Keys
Collier Necklace, Collar, Harness, to be Upright and Bold
Compartiments Compartments, Partitions
Complet Suit, Clothes
Complète Complete
Conseiller Attorney, Counselor
Cosmétique Make-up, Cosmetics
Couleur Color, Tint
Cousue Hand Stitched, Top Quality
Couverture Book Cover
Crayons Pencils
Crédit Trust of Bank
Crête Crested, Top Ridge
Cuir Leather Hide
Cuvette Basin
Demi Half
Demi-ronde Half-Round
Deux Two
Ecriture Writing
Elastique Elastic, Flexible
Enveloppe Folded
Et Sa And That, And Such
Epaule Shoulder
Etoile Starry or Star-Shaped
Etole Stole
Etui Case, Box, Cover
Fauve Fawn Color
Femme Woman
Fermoir Snap, Hook , Clasp Closure
Feuilles Thin Folders
Fiches Papers, Cards, Tags, Labels, Forms
Fiches à Faire Business papers
Fils Boy
Fille Girl
Finitions Finishing Touches
Flacons Small Bottles
Flânerie Sauntering, Stroll
Fleur Flower
Fonctionnel Functional
Géminé Double, Twin
Gibcière Game Bag, Pouch
Glacé Glazed, Glossy
Gousset Armpit Purse
Grande Big, Large
Gris Gray, Grey
Habits Attire
Haute Tall, High
Heures Hours
Homme Man
Housse Loose Cover
Japon Japan
Jaune Yellow
Jeune Young
Ligne Line
Lignée Line (as in Descendants)
Longue Long
Lunettes Glasses
Main Hand
Malle Trunk
Mine Attractive, Pleasant
Mini Small
Modèle Model or Style

Monnaie Money, Coin, Currency
Montagne Pile, Large Amount
Montre To Show Off or Display
Moyen To Have Ample Resources Or Means
Multiclés Multiple Keys
Musette Haversack, Satchel
Nil Nile
Noir Black
Or Gold (d'or = of gold)
Ordinateur Computer
Paires Pairs
Palladium Safeguard, Talisman
Papiers Papers
Papillon Butterfly
Parapluie Umbrella
Petit Small, Short
Pharmacie Pharmacy
Plat Flat
Pliant Flexible, Supple, Folding
Plume To Write
Plumier Pencil Box
Poche Pocket
Pochette Small Pouch
Poignée Handle, Holder
Porte To Go Out
Porte-Billets Note/Currency Case
Porte-Bouteilles Wine Rack, Bottle Rack
Porte-Documents Document Case or Wallet
Portefeuille Portfolio, Document Wallet, Briefcase
Porter To Carry; to Wear
Pour For
Pression Pressure, to Press
Rabat Turned Down Flap
Randonnée Long Walk, Excursion
Recharge Refill
Repértoire Catalog
Ronde Round
Rouge Red
Sac Bag, Sack, Pouch
Sac de Voyage Soft Bag, Work Bag, Grip
Sac à Dos Bag Carried on the Back
Sac à Main Handbag
Seau Pail, Bucket
Sellier Saddle Maker, Saddler
Serviette Briefcase, Portfolio, Document Case
Soie Silk
Soufflets A Bag With Gusseted Sides
Souple Soft, Pliant, Flexible
Sous Under, Below
Stylos Pens
Temps Time
Toile Textile, Cloth, Linen, Canvas
Toilette Associated With Cleaning Up Or Dressing
Tresée Braid, Strap Work
Trésor Purse
Tricolore Three-color
Trotteur Second Hand of a Watch
Trousse Bundle, Case
Vache Cow or of a cow
Valeurs Bills, Paper, Securities, Valuables
Vendredi Friday
Vermeil Bright Red
Vert Green
Vêtements Clothing
Vide-poches Receptacle for Odds and Ends
Viennois Viennese, of Vienna
Voyage Travel
Zippé Zipped

PM = Petit Modèle   MM = Mid Modèle   GM = Grande Modèle

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