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We hope this will answer some questions and allay potential worries or fears when dealing with My Poupette Recommended Sellers (MPRS's).

Do we expect perfection from My Poupette Recommended Sellers? You bet! Is it realistic? No, not really. They are human, after all. Is it possible that you will buy a fake from a MPRS? Yes, but it is not likely. Here is why: First, we have made it a point to endorse sellers who have had lots of exposure to authentic designer bags. They often know more about the product than stores! Second, if anything looks even remotely suspect on eBay, WE HEAR ABOUT IT!

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to check every seller’s auctions every day, so there is a great deal of trust involved with our endorsements. MPRS's have to follow a Code of Ethics agreement. When the code is broken, they are reprimanded, warned, and often, no longer endorsed, depending on their attitude and the circumstances. Over the years, we have dropped endorsement of approximately five or six MPRS's. Some have stopped selling, and some no longer wanted to be held to our strict standards any longer. We wish them well.

If by chance a MPRS sells an item that turns out to not be authentic, we fully expect the seller to take immediate action. That means, notifying the buyer of the problem and issuing a full and immediate refund. It is the right and proper thing to do. We also are to be notified immediately. Of course, we would prefer that the item not have been listed or sold at all, but (rarely) mistakes can happen. In our experience, the listing of a fake by a MPRS has never been deliberate. Their endorsement was too hard to come by. After such an incident, those sellers usually become super paranoid and take extra special care with every item they receive to before listing. That's great!

The online buying public has come to trust My Poupette and what it stands for: Authenticity, Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Consumer Advocacy. That means people put full trust in the sellers this site endorses. We never want that trust to be misplaced. If you ever encounter a problem with a MPRS either with product, descriptions, customer service, or anything else, we want to hear about it so it can be remedied immediately. We have little patience for MPRS’s who cannot uphold the high standards expected of a My Poupette Recommended Seller. This does not mean that you can feel free to make blanket or unsubstantiated accusations. When reporting a problem, please be specific and detailed, otherwise we won't be able to help you.

Overall, we have to say that we are very pleased with and proud of all our MPRS's, as they take their responsibilities seriously and put forth great efforts to offer the real thing to the designer-buying world.

So, when you see the My Poupette logo on eBay or on another web site, click on it to verify that he or she is indeed endorsed by My Poupette. The link may take you to our sister site ( That site was created because of logo issues with eBay.

-My Poupette

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