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Oh, please!

Poupette deals with eBay only as necessary, as it has become another haven for fakes. One scam is the sale of a small item together with a "FREE" handbag. Below are just a few of these auctions from sellers who seem to have no shame. Needless to say, the "Free" handbag you will receive won't be authentic. Some of these sellers are Square Trade members, which obviously means nothing in terms of integrity. The first item is not "designer inspired" it is a counterfeit bag, as are the rest you will see here. Friends, these are not bargains. You would be purchasing an item not worth the materials it is made of and potentially helping fund terrorists in the process! Okay, if you want the item that is being sold and not the "free" item, that's another story. But, my advice? Steer clear! This is simply a scam to move counterfeit merchandise.
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