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The POP Patrol
What is the POP Patrol? The POP Patrol is an acronym for "Pals of Poupette," volunteers who scour internet auction and sales sites to root out counterfeits and alert others of the problem.

Why do you do this?

Very simply, nobody else is proactively looking out for the consumer on Internet auctions. We do not want to see people get ripped off! We want to protect the consumer against unknowingly buying or selling counterfeit goods or paying for something they will not receive ...authentic merchandise.
Is this also to help the designer companies? No. It is to help the consumer.
Are you licensed to do this? No. Our efforts are strictly volunteered. Trademark owners are not involved in our mission, unless we report certain information to them.
How do I know that what you are saying is correct, if you tell me an item is not authentic? You will know by comparing your photos to authentic items. Check the designer's web site or our photo gallery. We will be happy to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you may take the item to the retailer to have the item authenticated (usually for free). You must consider the source of your item. Do you know its origins?

I purchased my item from a reputable seller/dealer. How do you know it is fake?

We are experienced in looking for telltale signs that point to problems. However, we are not perfect and your item may very well be authentic. We will ask specific questions to help you determine authenticity or advise that you check any of the other resources mentioned in the previous answer.

Who are your patrol members?

They are listed on the M.A.D. page.
Who authorizes your patrol members to do what they do? My Poupette authorizes all of the POP members to perform this service.
What if I disagree with your findings? Let us know by writing to: and state your reasons.
You are interfering in my business. Why can't you let people run their business and leave us alone? We are consumer advocates. Our first mission is to protect the consumer from being taken advantage of. We would do the same for you, if the situation were reversed. We have helped steer many people away from counterfeit items.

Do you perform this service for companies other than Louis Vuitton?

We started My Poupette with our expertise in Louis Vuitton, however, we have now grown to include other major designers. We can usually identify fakes, but not always.
Do you close down auctions?

We report suspicious findings to the appropriate parties.

You can help by reporting what appears to be a trademark infringement or counterfeit item to eBay using this form or to other sites, through the links they provide for this purpose.

What if I have already sold the item? You would be honor-bound to notify the purchaser that the item is not authentic and refund the seller including shipping charges. The sale of counterfeit trademarked goods is illegal.
What if I have already paid for the item? Carefully read the information on the Fraud Support page, and contact My Poupette if you need assistance.
Is this service only for eBay? No, it is as far reaching as we have time and resources to handle.
How can I join your Patrol? I have a lot of experience with Louis Vuitton! Check here for more information.