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Disclaimer and Limitations: The information on My's Feedback Rescue page reflects the opinion of the site owner and does not create a legal contract or other source for legal action. Opinions are based on information taken in good faith and contact initiated with buyers and sellers. The intent of this page is to provide a venue whereby those who believe they have received unearned negative feedback may show that they have the support of My in disregarding said feedback.

My Poupette stands for fairness and we will do what we can to help those wronged on eBay. Did you receive negative feedback because you refused to pay for a counterfeit item or for some other unfair reason? If so, Poupette may be able to help!

We cannot remove the negative feedback that was left for you, but if you qualify to have your eBay user name listed here, we will request that the negative feedback posted against you be disregarded by the reader of your Feedback record, because Poupette is on your side!

Sellers who read your negative feedback should be directed to this page, to see that the negative feedback was deemed unfair and that the comment(s) should not be held against you.


Becky sees eBay auction #0000 with an irresistible Buy It Now price. Before checking in with Poupette's site, she goes ahead and bids, closing the auction. Later, realizing she should have known better than to bid out of excitement, she writes to Poupette's LV Discussion Board.

"Dear Board, I am afraid I may have made a mistake. I saw item #0000 on auction and I bid on it with BIN. Now I am not sure if this bag is authentic. I did not see the word authentic in the auction and I just noticed that the seller has negative feedback for selling fakes. Do I have to pay? Please help!"

Becky is directed to complete the form on this page. The auction is reviewed by Poupette's Investigation Team and sure enough, the item is deemed counterfeit. Becky is advised to write to the seller to advise that she believes this item to be counterfeit and therefore, does not intend to pay for it. She further states that she would like to cancel her bid for this reason. The seller refuses, stating that a bid is a contract, etc. The seller files for final value fees and leaves negative feedback against Becky as a "non-paying bidder."

How the Feedback Rescue System Works

Once the Application to Rescue Feedback is received, Poupette's Investigation Team will review the transaction and request any additional information from the Bidder. If appropriate, the seller will be contacted to ask if he is willing to delete the negative feedback based on the circumstances described. If so, the problem is solved. If not, but Poupette believes the bidder was right, the Bidder's name and feedback, along with the auction number will be posted.

Bidder may then respond to feedback that the seller has left. Poupette will have provided the appropriate response for Bidder's use, so that interested parties are directed here.

Submit information to Poupette via the form below, and then wait for a response. DO NOT RESPOND to seller's feedback until you hear back from Poupette.


Names posted on this page represent parties whom Poupette deems victims of unwarranted and unfair feedback transaction and have Poupette's full support for dismissing the negative comment(s).

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