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Turnaround times are in business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays). A day starts at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM PST, no matter what time your request is submitted.

Only send this information if you need a written statement regarding authenticity or condition. Answer questions to the best of your ability. If our form has malfunctioned, please copy and paste the information below into an email and send to claims @ (remove spaces) along with your responses. Or, you may fax to us. Contact us for the fax number.

If you only need an email opinion on authenticity, please click HERE.

To open a claim with PayPal click here. When you are ready to request an unbiased third party opinion, complete the form on this page. We may need you to ship your item to us in California or Nevada.

Send us an email with these questions and your answers:

Please be prepared to ship your item to My Poupette in Nevada or California. Some exceptions may apply.

1. How did you hear about My Poupette's Authentication Service?

2. What is the purpose of this request?

3. If we are faxing this statement to someone other than PayPal or eBay, provide the fax number and contact name:

4. Where did you purchase this item?

5. What is the auction number?

6. Did you receive the same item pictured in the auction? Check date code or serial number, if available.

7. Your Contact Phone Number(s):

8. What is your Case or Claim number, if applicable? (PayPal dispute numbers start with PP-)

9. What is your name as it appears on your case/dispute?

10. Your Email Address (associated with this case):

11. Alternate e-mail address, if available:

12. Your Mailing Address:

13. What is the color of exterior of the item?

14. What color is the lining?

15. What is the lining material?

16. What is the brand name on the item?

17. What is the name or style of the item?

18. Where does the item state it was made?

19. What is the date code or serial number?

20. How did you pay for this item? (if applicable)

21. Amount Paid (exclude postage)

22. How long have you had possession of this item?

23. If this is an authenticity dispute, what are your reasons to believe the item may not be authentic?

24. Are you able to provide detailed photos of the item, if needed?

25. Check here if you have sent photos to us within the past 60 days.

26. If you have had other opinions rendered on this item, by whom and what were the opinions?

27. If you have filed a dispute, what is the exact DUE DATE for your statement? Do not subtract any days.

28. If this is for a claim or dispute, other than this request, what other steps, if any, have you taken to recover funds from this purchase?

29. Any other Comments or Instructions?

30. May we contact you in the future for feedback or on a related matter? We will never sell your information or solicit you for sales.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND DISCLAIMER: By submitting this request, you acknowledge that you have read My Poupette’s Authentication Service Page, and that you agree to hold My Poupette harmless against any and all losses or claims that may arise from preparation or lack of preparation of the document you are requesting. We are not familiar with every item produced and will not render a written opinion if we are not at least 99% confident in our opinion. By engaging our services, you acknowledge that we will take every precaution and make every effort to render an accurate opinion, however opinions rendered may be subject to a small error margin. You agree to hold us harmless against any and all losses or claims that may arise from the preparation or lack of preparation of the document that you are requesting.

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