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Top 10 Red Flags when Purchasing Online

10. Does the seller have any feedback? If he/she does not, this is where you run your greatest risk, as this is an unproven entity. Exercise caution.

9. Does the seller offer multiples of the same and/or NEW item at a low price? Often, these auctions are the distasteful results of "Wholesale Lists." 99% of the time, the merchandise is counterfeit.

8. Does the seller have hidden feedback? How do you know what people are saying about him/her? Be very cautious.

7. Is the photograph in the auction one taken from or the designer's web site? If so, how do you know what you are receiving?

6. Did you ask for more photos and got an excuse for why more photos could not be provided? Or did you ask questions that did not get answered? This is not a good sign.

5. Is the seller new and holding a private auction? How do you know there is no shill bidding going on? The seller should have a track record before holding a private auction.


  • Is there a round white tag hanging from the item, and does it belong there? (Louis Vuitton does not add this to its products.)
  • Is there white tissue and tape wrapped around the hardware or around the zipper pull? Most high-end designers don't add this to their products.
  • Is there an ink-stamped number on the hang tag shown in the auction? Is there a swatch of fabric hanging from the bag?Most high-end designers do not add this to their products.

The presence of any one of these things usually spells trouble!

3. Does the auction state the item is guaranteed authentic? If not, ask. This is still no guarantee that you will get a refund, but if you are purchasing from a reputable seller, there is less risk of suffering a loss.

2. Have you been solicited by someone offering a bag at a cheap price or asking you to name your own price? If you buy outside the confines of an auction site, you have no buyer protection.

1. Does the seller have negative feedback reflecting dissatisfied customers? Has the seller been accused of selling fakes? Be sure you check the seller's feedback and feel comfortable! Note that some sellers are unfairly accused, so do ask the seller about the matter. Or, ask My Poupette.

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