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What Have We Authenticated Lately?

These items have been authenticated by My Poupette, and there is no charge for you to confirm. If the seller uses our logo but you don't see his/her name here, let us know! Just write to esupport @mypoupette.com (remove extra space) and give the auction item number. It's that easy!

Note from My Poupette: Although items are authenticated by My Poupette, you must still exercise ordinary caution when paying for your item. For example, be cautious of sellers with Private feedback, and pay by PayPal or Credit Card or another method that allows recourse in case anything goes wrong.

Note that these are not particularly My Poupette Recommended Sellers, but sellers who care enough to have their items authenticated by My Poupette.


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You can get this neat logo, too! Just get your item authenticated by My Poupette!

What have we authenticated on eBay lately? Items remain here for at least one year.




311627783258 6.6.16
391541283129 8.23.16
272345947139 8.18.16
CammieD Louis Vuitton Monogram Satellite 53 7.21.16
252794137215 3.8.17
302039717074, 301825066694302044645213 8.27.16
DJ CHANEL Gst Grand Shoppimg Black Tote Bag 5.20.16
122033120799 7.1.16
132155492095 4.14.17
luxgirl-boutique 182226820938, 182179793677 8.29.16
missshelbyrae 162281997874, 291870945586, 291851827545 11.19.16
nmtlady 252405710054 5.31.16
sherry7022 182399638520 12.25.16
shirlybd 302059225346, 302059225346, 302033477623


tokyo_collection 122425416555 4.8.17